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Palapa Joes - Thatch umbrellas and accessories

At Palapa Joes North America we offer two coverings (double thatch) for superior shade. The thatch is made from hand woven Mexican palm fronds. The braided weaving allows small amounts of light and high winds to pass through.

Because it's a natural material, thatch stands up well to weather. Thatch will generally last two to five years, longer with good maintenance. Your thatch will sometimes leach a brown film after a rain; this is easily cleaned with soap and water. We suggest washing your palapa with a hose every six months to avoid dirt spotting after a rain. We offer very reasonably priced replacement thatch covering.

We will also apply an optional exterior grade fire retardant to the thatch that meets and exceeds all flame spread rating requirements. Customers selecting this option will be issued a certificate.

  Palapa Joes - Thatch umbrellas and accessories
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